The Suubi Center

The Suubi Ministries was founded in 2014.  It is a community based organization committed to educating and empowering Ugandan women to be lifelong leaders and catalysts for sustainable, positive change in their families and communities. They are dedicated to advancing social justice for all women and their families, regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or lifestyle.

The Suubi Ministries dreams of a day when women are no longer forced to place their child(ren) in an orphanage due to poverty, a day when women no longer overlook their strength and potential within themselves to lead their families and communities towards success. “Suubi” means “hope” in Lugwere and Luganda

The Suubi Center provides the women of Kibuku with marketable skills while also helping to remove any barriers they may face in accessing the programs. 

The Suubi Center offers education, literacy and business courses, vocational courses, girl's school retention, social services, child protection, case management, support groups, access to health care services, meals on class days and on-site day care.

(419) 438-2185

23721 Bowman Rd
Defiance, OH  43512

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