Family Sponsorship

Monthly sponsorship per family is $50.  We are accepting two sponsors per family.


This will provide each family with one nutritious meal per day. The meals will consist of Rice, Beans and Milk. 


Soap will also be included to improve hygiene and promote better health.

If you would like be a sponsor to one of our families and have questions, please contact us for more information.




Solomon's family needs monthly help with food and soap.  Many times the only thing that mom can find to feed Solomon and his siblings are leaves.  (Solomon is pictured in the blue shirt.)


This spring we will be assisting Solomon's mom with a self-sustaining project of goat raising.  She will be provided with a goat shelter and goats so that she can have a source of income to provide for her 7 children. 


If you would like to sponsor Solomon's family with monthly food and soap until the project is finished, please use this donate button.


This is Alice and her family.  (Alice is in the center with the striped shirt.)


Alice and her siblings are in dire need of monthly support for food and soap.  When we visited them last year we found they were malnourished and mom has no source of income.  We plan to work with Alice's mom to give her skills training to help her provide for her family.


If you would like to be the sponsor for Alice's family, please click on the donate button.


This is Ouma.  Ouma is a special needs child that we met on a previous trip.  Ouma lives with his step-mom and siblings.  He was burned very badly in a fire and we have been working with him ever since.  He has such a sweet personality. 


Unfortunately, his dad is not providing for the family and spends no time with them.  The step-mother is currently taking care of Ouma.  We are helping her with food and soap until we can find a way for her to provide for the family or until we can find someone to take Ouma in.  We are working with the famiy on a solution. 


If you would like to be Ouma's family sponsor, please use this donation button.


Jorum has Sickle Cell Anemia and has had two strokes.  His grandmother cares for him.  We provide him with porridge and medication.  His medication is too expensive for his grandmother to purchase.  


Jorum is looking for a family to sponsor him.  


If you would like to sponsor Jorum, please use this donation button.


This is Beatrice.  Beatrice is a 7-year-old girl who was found starving to death.  She has hydrocephalus.

This Is Hope is currently her guardian.  Her family is unable to care for her.

We have temporarily placed her in a home for special needs children until we can find a more permanent situation for her.


She will need monthly help with food and medication.


If you would like to sponsor Beatrice, please use this donate button to make a monthly donation.

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