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Future Nutrition Center

We are stepping out in faith and purchasing land!

The land will be the future site of our nutrition center.  On the land we will grow the grains and other ingredients needed for high nutritious porridge.  The center will be a place where children can come with their guardians to receive help with malnutrition.   We will also hold regular clinic days for testing of Malaria, Typhoid, Pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.

We will be raising money in phases.  The first phase will be land.

We owe $35,000 total for the 10 acres. 

The second phase will be fencing around the property, a well and an access road.

The third phase will be the building.  We plan to start with a two to three room building to begin services in the community as soon as possible, with the goal of building a Level 2 health center as God allows us to grow.

We have purchased 10 acres in order to give us plenty of room for growth.  We foresee a future school, church and small orphanage.

The community is called Buwooya and is located in the Buikwe District.  This is a very rural area with no local hospital.

This is a very fair price and is in a great location.  This nutrition center will allow us to help many children and spread the gospel to those who visit it.

Please consider making a donation here.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Please check back here for updates!  If you have questions about partnering with us or want more information, please email us at

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