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This Is Hope


This Is Hope is a nonprofit founded to provide Hope to vulnerable women, children, and elderly people by assisting, supporting, and strengthening communities with improved healthcare, nutrition, and education.  This is the Hope we have through Jesus Christ.


What We Do


Our goal is to work with local Ugandan doctors to help bring basic medical care to remote villages where medical care is unavailable due to transportation and/or financial difficulties.  We will provide HIV, typhoid and malaria testing, in addition to much needed medications and birthing kits.

We also partner with a rural clinic to provide much needed medical supplies that aren't always available, such as sutures, sterile gloves, and syringes.


In Uganda, women must provide basic medical supplies to the clinic to give birth with the assistance of medical staff.  If they don't have these items with them, they are turned away.  Many women give birth with unsafe medical supplies such as rusty razor blades to cut the umbilical cord or give birth in the dark with the help of a mid wife in their village.  There is also a high incidence of death from hemorrhage during the night due to lack of electricity. 

This Is Hope provides Birthing Kits to pregnant women who can't obtain these supplies due to lack of funds.  Our kits include a flashlight, medical supplies, an outfit and blanket for the baby. and a gospel track.


Poor hygiene practices and inadequate sanitary conditions play a major role in communicable diseases within developing countries.  We believe with education and resources, villages will be able to decrease their risk of disease.  Our goal is to help with soap, feminine hygiene kits and access to clean water.

Our feminine hygiene kits include 2 pad holders, 6 reusable cloth pads, a pair or underwear, a bar of soap, and a wash cloth.  All of these supplies are held in a pretty drawstring cloth bag so the girls that take them to school have something to carry their supplies in.


This Is Hope provides emergency medical services for many children and elderly.  When we learn of  these needs, we provide transportation to and from the hospital, surgery expenses, medication, and any follow-up treatment.

So the poor have hope, and injustice shuts her mouth.

Job 5:16

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