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Feminine Hygiene Kits
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Shockingly, 86% of girls in Uganda miss an education because of menstrual periods.

In Uganda, menstruation is largely considered unclean and taboo.  Stigmatized because of a lack of education and hygiene management, girls often choose to, or are forced to, drop out of school due to a lack of sanitary items and the lack of washroom facilities at their schools.  And, in some remote tribes, girls don't even know what a sanitary pad is.

This Is Hope is working to provide girls with hygiene kits to help them stay in school and receive an education.  When girls aren't in school, not only do they not get an education, but they become more vulnerable to rape, early marriage and abuse.  

Our kits include:

Six reusable washable pads

One or two pairs of panties

One washcloth

One bar of soap

Two plastic bags (one for holding dirty pads and one for washing pads)

A drawstring bag

Gospel track

The average cost of these kits are $10 for us to provide.  If you would like to help provide a hygiene kits to a girl or woman in Uganda, please use the donate button below.

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If you or someone you know would like to sew hygiene pads and drawstring bags for us to take to Uganda, we have included the patterns below. 

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