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This Is Hope

Birthing Kits

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In Uganda, a mother must provide her own birthing supplies.  If she can't afford to purchase these supplies, she is turned away from hospitals and clinics. 

This Is Hope distributes Birthing Kits to those in need through our ministry partners.  This allows the mother to have a safe delivery and also allows our partners to use the kits as a witnessing tool.

Kits include:

Plastic Sheet (for mom to lay on)

Razor Blades (for cutting the umbilical cord)

Cord Ties

Cotton Rolls

Sterile Gauze

Sterile Gloves

Antibacterial Wipes

Flashlight (in case there is no electricity for the doctor)

Receiving Blanket for Baby

Onesie for Baby

The cost of each kit is $10.  If you would like help us offer these to women in Uganda, please use the donate button on this page.


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