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Emergency Childbirth

We receive many requests for emergency deliveries in the Kibuku District. 

Many mothers are unable to access prenatal care, have difficulty reaching a medical center in a timely manner or have prolonged labor.

This Is Hope is able to provide the funds needed to prevent the death of the mother and or the child.

A typical emergency costs $125.  If you would like to fund an emergency c-section, please use this donation button.

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Teenage Pregnancy Needs

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Unfortunately, many young girls are either raped or sell themselves for food in the Karamajong tribe in Jinja.


We work with our friend Damalie to provide prenatal care and c-sections for these young girls.  Most of the girls we help are age 13 to 14.  Due to their age they are at an extremely high risk of death during labor without the c-section.

Not only are the ensured a safe deliver, Damalie works with the girls to educate them and encourage them to keep their babies.

If you would like to sponsor a c-section for one of the girls, the cost is $675.  Our goal is to help two girls per month.

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Child Abuse


This Is Hope receives many requests to help children who have been victims of abuse.  This would include rape, burns or other wounds.  We provide medical care for these children.

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