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Beatrice has Hydrocephalus and was found in dire condition.  Her family was not taking care of her and she was left to die.  After spending  several months in the hospital, Beatrice is now living in an orphanage that specializes in special needs children. 

Beatrice is a fighter and is making great strides in gaining weight.  Her monthly needs are $150 per month.  We are looking for sponsors to come alongside This Is Hope to help with her monthly needs.

If you would like to help us with her care and become a monthly sponsor for Beatrice, please click on the donate button below.  THANK YOU!

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Lazalo is 8 months old.  His mother is a teenager who suffered from lack of food during her pregnancy and was unable to produce milk.  Lazalo's paternal grandmother is trying to care for him. . He currently has measles and is being treated with medication.  He was unable to nurse, so he is severely underweight.  We are providing Lazalo with a nutritious porridge and bottles to allow the grandmother to feed him.  Please pray with us for his growth and health.  If you would like to come along side us and help with his nutrition, please use the donate button here.

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Paul is 4 years old.  His father was making bricks and unfortunately some of the hot bricks fell on Paul and burnt him badly.  His father took him to the local clinic for care, but Paul needed to go to a larger hospital for burn care.  The father tried to raise money for his care, but the family is very poor.  This Is Hope was contacted to help Paul.  We have transferred him to Mulago Hospital where he will stay for at least 2 months for burn treatment.  If you would like to help us with Paul's treatment, please click the donation button here.

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We have known Esther for several years now.  Esther was severely malnourished when a friend of ours brought her to our attention.  We removed her from her home and placed her with our director.  Since we met her she has grown, but her legs are deformed.  Esther has been reviewed by a physician and it was determined that she will need surgery to correct her legs.  If you would like to help us with Esther's surgery, please donate using the donate button here.

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