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How It All Started

So, I've never written a blog before. But thought I would give it a try.

About 4 years ago, I went on my first mission trip to Uganda. I remember feeling like I needed to "go to Africa". So, I went to a local ministry and shared this feeling that I had. Shortly after that meeting the director forwarded information for a trip that Hope Grafted In was planning to Uganda and said she thought I might be interested. Little did I know, God would use that trip and Hope Grafted In to completely change my life.

Since 2013 I have been to Africa approximately 6 times (in addition to The Dominican Republic and Iraq). Each time I learn more and more. I have met incredible people who I now call my friends. They teach me what it really means to worship God and what it really means to depend on Him.

I spend every day thinking about what I have learned from these visits to my second home - Uganda. I call it my second home because I now have family there,...they are my friends, my brothers, my sisters and my children. It is my greatest desire to do what I can to help them and to let them help me.

I am continually amazed at my friends and their resilience, their perseverance and their love for Jesus. I hope you will join me in loving these beautiful, loving friends of mine.


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